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 The State of the World, General Setting Information
 Posted: Nov 8 2013, 11:06 PM
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The State of the World

As far as the Survivors and Raiders of Defend the Colony are concerned, when their world ended so did everyone else's. Without communication, and sometimes even the power to run communication systems, the United States survivors have no clue who got hit and how hard.

The only solace, if you could call it that, is that during the final moments before the Blast thousands of nuclear missile silos opened across the country and fired off their own payloads. Whoever devastated the United States probably got hit back and are in just as bad a shape as you are.

While nothing had been heard in the Colonies from Canada or Mexico, it is generally assumed that both states suffered the same as the United States. Whether this is true is yet to be found out, as both borders have been unpatrolled for some time now.

Throughout the Blast, every major city across the nation was devastated by Nuclear missile strikes. Any city with a population of about 500,000 or more was a target along with most military and major government instillations, the major urban centres the focal point of blasts which had rippling consequences out to 20-30km. It can be generally assumed that anyone in one of the destroyed cities or instillations, or in very nearby suburban areas, were killed instantly.

Nuclear Fallout, however, is still a major issue for the rest of the nation. Within the first month, many millions more have died, leaving most communities devastated and the population rife with sickness and panic. While now, three months later, much of the initial fallout radiation has lost it's potency most survivors have no idea what the far flung consequences of even breathing the air will have on their health.

Beyond the effects of the bombs themselves, the Blast has caused mass power outages, stoppage in all government services, all forms of trade and commerce and has in general caused mass hysteria and panic. In the weeks after the Blast there was mass looting and violent crime was a fact of life. Some communities may have survived and bonded together, but the majority fell apart at the seams. Rumours about this or that city still standing caused mass migrations across the nation, further developing the chaos and violence.

Those with the know-how who are still alive could accurately estimate that about 75% of the population has perished in the last three months. Only pockets of civilization remain in the form of guarded communities and new Colonies springing up where the good and the righteous gather, hoping to eke out new lives.

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