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 The Laws!, Rules....A must read & follow!
 Posted: Jun 11 2013, 02:23 PM
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Welcome to Defend The Colony! A post apocalyptic roleplay set after the nukes went off. Here are some rules, not many that we need you to read and follow. Most of them are pretty commonsense based. You should be following these as guidelines in real life anyway. But moving on!

0. Read Carefully. This is a must. Take the time to read things thoroughly and carefully. This helps you in many ways. Most importantly it is better to inform yourself about the board, plot, expectations and more. This helps you figure if you want to be on this board; as it is better to be sure of that before joining than after.

1. Be Respect. Let's just face it; respect covers all areas in our lives. This rule includes everyone from the staff, members, and guests that visit this site. As we have had some pretty rude guests that have made some statements in the cbox; we ask that if your going to be rude - close the tab and move on with your life. We would like this site to be a friendly one for everyone that find their way here. If you can't be respectful; chances are you don't belong here. This place might not be the right place for anyone that intends to be rude.

We do understand there are bad guys in character for roleplays. This is all about the bad guys that want to cause problems for sites that we will not tolerate.

2. Registering. One of the first accounts that you should make once you decide on joining the site is your OOC account. This should be your cbox alias. This account will deal with all ooc based things. It makes it easy for the staff to contact you; and all members in bulk if needed. This also decreases the amount of times you have to clean out your character inboxes of announcements; and ooc based messages. It is over all easier!

Plus, it is the account you will link all your character accounts too. All character accounts must be in First Last format. And in proper caps. IE: James Winstead. If you make a mistake; we can fix that very easily. You can put in a request in your CP; that a staff can validate. It really is that simple.

3. Applying. You have decided to join us! You have made your ooc accounts and started making your character accounts. That is great news! We have made applying/applications very easy for you. Your first step is the sorting application. Start your application topic with the template provided. This will not only help in filling out your mini profile; but also your main profile. After you have done that and linked your main profile in the template for your profile; just bump the topic with 'DONE' and we will get you sorted.

If your worried about details about your character; we rather you have all that on the characters plot page instead. So, don't be worried. That step is coming up.

4. God-Mod, Power Playing, All Bad Habits In RPG. These are very bad habits in roleplaying. We ask that you don't do it. If you don't know what these things are; research it. Or ask a staff member for what these things mean. The only time these will ever be overlooked is if you have expressed permission by the member to do so. But please make that expressed enough for the staff to be made aware of this; or we might say something. If not expressed; please make notes of this somewhere on the post where we know this was discussed before it was put into action.

5. MATURE. To make this board acceptable to all ages, and still allow the writing freedoms to those who wish to go further with mature content in their writing without offending members, and without the content within the threads be viewable by viewers that should not have access to inappropriate content. We have a forum specifically for violence and sexual situations. So if your thread starts to head towards detailed instead of fade to black, let a staff know. Or if you have already intend the material, and have the password. You know what to do! You must be 18 years of age or older in order to gain access to the forum. If at any point we find out that you have lied about your age in order to access the mature content forum, you will be banned. Trust is the foundation for a community. And if you can't be trusted, you can't stay. Like the TOS, that we respect. We also wish to protect the rights of those that respect the TOS, but wish to protect their creative freedom. And lies to gain access puts all members at risk of losing a place to go too.

Before you do any form of adult content threads with another person! A. No underage members or characters are involved. So, be sure that they are of age for the content. B. Be sure that the member is okay with this. As some people are offended by this material. Or they prefer fade to black.

6. Properly Tag Threads. We have a forum for most detailed threads dealing with mature content. But, the over all board that might have some elements might need to be tagged accordingly. Especially if they are trigger warnings. Or any other tagged bits. This alerts members of what to expect would be on the thread. Along with the person your roleplaying, so that no one just jumps in thinking its a open thread.

7. No Killing. We understand that conflict will happen when you have raiders. People trying to survive. But, we ask that there be no killing of characters. This is important for everyone to know and understand. If you have permission to kill a character? This is different. But please let a member of the staff know that you have given a person permission to kill off your character within a decent time before going on about the deed.

8. Word Count. We want quality over quantity! So, we really don't have a set word count. We just really don't want one liners. A few paragraphs if you have it in you. Which could be shy of 200 words. Some might give a lot more. Honestly, no maximum set either. Novels are welcome! Matter of fact they can help muse another person to write. Match your writing partner!

We the staff reserve the right to adjust these rules anyway we see necessary. And in doing so, you - our members will be aware of this as soon as possible to read them, love them, and live by them. Or else, a Jennifer monster will come to you and make you watch care bears all day.

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