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 Posted: Jun 20 2013, 06:58 PM
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July, 2013:

"The bombs dropped and the world went dark. The television stations winked out one by one, their last transmissions of panic in the streets and the bright white explosions of nuclear blasts dotting the continent. Washington is a wasteland, New York a pillar of ash and Los Angeles has been swallowed up by the ocean. Every major city of the United States was targeted. All that remains is the fringe, the villages, towns and homesteads of the survivors. No one knows what happened across the ocean. 'Mutually Assured Destruction,' they called it. MAD. More like insanity.

Without infrastructure, without a government or an army or international trade, things began to dry up quickly. Power outages, empty grocery stores, panic and rage across Small Town USA. It's been three months since the Blast and already the world's gone to shit. Survivors race across the nation, searching for families and friends, while others scrounge and scavenge, trying to eke out a new life in the hollows of the old world. Many won't survive.

But where there is chaos, there is also hope. Colonies, safe havens filled with the good and compassionate have begun to spring up. New, untested communities are beginning to form. Outside the Dallas blast zone there's a warehouse giving shelter. A Nevada desert community calls itself New Las Vegas. Iowa. Michigan. North Carolina. Hope springs in the darkness, but still there is darkness. Raiders; the desperate, the violent. The dregs, drug addicts and kingpins of society. Alone and in groups they prowl the vast urban wilderness making it more and more necessary to Defend The Colony."

Credit for plot rewrite to our amazing moderator, Lex!
There have been additional things that have not been added to the site plot. Survivalist are a separate group of people that unlike raiders are not the baddies that raiders are. Bunker & DC Colony.

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